Lenape Valley Ice Hockey tasks itself with aiding local youth in the development of skating, hockey skills and sportsmanship. We seek to provide a safe playing environment with a no check, low pressure environment that fosters a love of hockey. Our goal is to create a positive experience so all participants enjoy and excel as well as developing a lifelong passion for ice hockey.

Lenape Valley hosts a variety of hockey programs, offering teams for players from young beginners up through high school ages. If your child wants to try hockey in Lenape Valley, you have come to the right place.


When it comes to fostering a youth athlete’s love for hockey, no one is more influential than his or her hockey coach. Coaches impact how young players feel about the game each time they step on the ice. Whether helping players develop skills or teaching life lessons, coaches should strive to create a fun, positive atmosphere and leave a lasting impression on young team members.

Lenape Valley Ice Hockey coaches are all volunteers and our hockey program would not exist without them. We encourage our coaches to deliver instruction based on positive encouragement, inclusion, teamwork and sportsmanship. Coaches should dress in a professional manner, arrive early for practice and come prepared. Be positive, have fun and encourage the same in your players. You want to create an atmosphere of fairness, trust, and encouragement. Finally, a coach should inspect the ice to ensure it is safe, ensure fair playing time for all players and maintain control of both players and fans during games.