Lenape Valley Recreational soccer is a program primarily devoted to the enjoyment of soccer and the personal development of soccer players. While we view winning as important, there is less emphasis on winning and more on teaching players the fundamentals of the sport and important life lessons. With every passing year, soccer increases in popularity with both male and female players, of all ages and abilities.

The main purpose of recreational soccer is to bring the players an opportunity to have fun, learn the sport’s fundamentals, improve life skills and build a lifelong love of the game. Participation in soccer also creates a foundation of physical abilities that translate to a variety of other sports and activities. We encourage children of all ages, sizes, backgrounds and abilities to register to participate in our soccer leagues.


Lenape Valley Soccer coaches are all volunteers and our program could not exist without the talented men and women that make up the volunteer staff for our organization. We encourage our coaches to deliver instruction based on positive encouragement, inclusion, teamwork and sportsmanship. It is important for soccer instruction to take into account where players are developmentally, including psychomotor (physical), cognitive (learning) and psychosocial (emotional) stages. A six year old is very different from a thirteen year old, and it is important for coaches to understand different players abilities based upon age and emotional development.

Coaches should be professional, arrive early and come prepared to practices with plans for the team. It is important to be positive, have fun and encourage the same in your players. You want to create an atmosphere of fairness, trust, and encouragement. Additionally, a coach should inspects fields to ensure they are safe and playable, ensure fair playing time to all players and maintain control of both players and fans during games.